Month: April 2015

AccidentalFish ApplicationSupport – v1.0.0

As per my previous post I’m spending some time on my application framework – I’m aware of this getting used, by myself and others, in a variety of projects and some of the flaws in the code as it stands now are starting to hurt. Since I first put it together the Azure libraries have also come on a long way and this has led to some friction.

That being the case I’m taking this oppurtunity to revisit the framework with a number of objectives:

  1. Reduce the number of dependencies. Even the core assembly had accumulated around 10 NuGet dependencies including Azure storage, Entity Framework, Unity, AWS and SendGrid.
  2. Removal of the Enterprise Library Transient Fault framework.
  3. Support for dependency injectors other than Unity.
  4. Switch to NewtonSoft Json for serialization.
  5. Documentation and samples.
  6. Move to the “new” way of restoring packages.

This does mean a bunch of breaking changes but I think they’re worth making to achieve the above.

I’ve got a compiling first stab at v1.0.0 in GitHub. I’ll be testing this in an upcoming project and dropping the packages into the NuGet prerelease channel.


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