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While working on a fun little F# side project over the Christmas break I had the need for a couple of resilience policies. I had a Google but couldn’t really find much in the space and what I was really looking for was an elegant way to use the battle hardened Polly with my F# code. It wasn’t critical so I parked it and moved on.

The itch kept, errr, itching and so I came back to it this last week looking to build an expressive F# feeling wrapper for Polly and the result of that is Pholly (hat tip to Scott Wlaschin for the name).

So far it includes support for the three reactive Polly policies: retry, circuit breaker and fallback and they can be used in both asynchronous and synchronous situations. The async makes use of tasks via the Ply task builder – this seemingly being the direction of travel and, as Isaac Abraham pointed out, with F# async we’d be wrapping one form of async computation with another.

The library is available on NuGet, GitHub, and documented in a Dotnet Interactive Notebook however as an example constructing and using a retry policy looks like this:

let retryPolicy =
  Policy.retryAsync [
    retry (upto 10<times>)
    withIntervalsOf [50<ms> ; 150<ms> ; 500<ms>]
    beforeEachRetry (fun _ t _ -> printf "onRetry %d\n" t ; ())
let! resultOne = asyncWorkload |> retryPolicy

Future changes at this point include a more “word based” approach to policy composition as their are strong around current custom operators as used currently and addition of the pro-active policies.

Its an early version number on NuGet but I’m actively using it and I’ll bump it up to a 1.0.0 in fairly short order – any problems please let me know in a GitHub issue or on Twitter.


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