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AccidentalFish Application Support Updates

A quick post with a few bits of news regarding my lightweight application framework.


Yesterday I pushed out a new version of the packages that contain an updated logger that will work alongside my Owin middleware for HTTP logging and correlation ID attachment.

If you use that middleware package, and an appropriate filter (Web API or MVC) in a project using the logger then everything should just work.


I’ve not been strict enough over the versioning of this framework and I’m going to tighten this up by adopting the Semver format and guidelines. I am aware of a few, minor, upcoming breaking changes as I’ve realised I’ve got some naming inconsistencies in the interfaces (particularly around the use of async) – at least by adopting Semver it will be clear when I make those changes.


The long promised documentation is now underway – something of a minor miracle as I’m always distracted by Visual Studio! I’m hosting it on GitHub Pages, go check it out. It’s early days but I’m hoping to make fairly short work of getting started guides so at least there’s a clear way into the framework.

I’m writing the documentation using Markdown and that’s getting translated into HTML on GitHub Pages via Jekyll. I’ve not used Jekyll before but it’s pretty simple to get going with and coupled with Markdown seems to be a neat solution to creating verbose documentation. I’ll be producing API reference documentation using C#s XML comments and Sandcastle.

Http Logging and Correlation IDs

I’ve recently pushed out some new open source for HTTP logging / tracing and alongside that support for adding correlation IDs to http calls and tracking them across MVC and Web API applications.

It’s fully documented and can be found in GitHub and on NuGet. The logger is independent of storage mechanism however I’ve currently only created a repository for Azure. I’ll probably add a SQL repository shortly.

The NuGet packages are entirely free standing other than the minimal Microsoft dependencies required.

I’m currently working on adding correlation ID support to the logging framework contained within the wider AccidentalFish.ApplicationSupport framework and I expect that to roll out early next week.

Alongside this I’m having a bit of a documentation push for all my open source. Other than Markdown and Sandcastle I’d be very interested in hearing how others have approached creating large amounts of technical documentation in the Microsoft space.

As ever feedback and issue reports are very welcome.


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