Azure From The Trenches is here to help you not make the mistakes I made while developing real world Azure applications. My experiences with Azure have been massively positive on the whole but when starting out I would have found it helpful to have someone on hand who’d been further than the glossy brochure and experienced some of the pain points and I’ve certainly been there on occasion!

Also I’m hoping that by writing here people will share their knowledge and experiences with me and I can improve my own techniques and skills.

Some super-quick background on me: I’m James Randall. I live in Bedford in the UK (about 50 miles north of London) and have been developing software for as long as I can remember starting back in the 8-bit days on a BBC Model B. Like so many who started out in the 8-bit days my hobby became my profession and I’ve been building software for a living for 20 years now.

Over the years I’ve built all kinds of software including embedded systems, scripting languages, web crawlers, glossy data analytic applications, websites, and mobile applications. Of course I’ve also done my share of CRUD work. While I still work hands on day to day I now work as a Chief Architect so spend less time with the compiler and more time with people but when my working week is light on code I usually carve out some out of hours time to work on pet projects and Open Source most of which can be found over at my Accidental Fish website or on GitHub.

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  1. Happy Tuesday. I noticed that you contributed to Xamarin on GitHub. Iā€™m working with a startup in Santa Monica, CA looking for Sr. Developers with some Xamarin experience. The product is focused on the music industry. What are you working on these days? Any interest in working in the Startup World in Santa Monica, CA?

    thanks for your time,
    Zoey V.
    Highlander Solutions

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