Open Source Commanding Framework

I’ve been making use of a lightweight configuration based commanding framework in a recent project that proved to be really useful and so I’ve spun it out into an open source project on GitHub, documented it, and released the packages on NuGet.

What I’ve found most useful about it is that commands and actors are registered and configured using an IoC type syntax that also defines how dispatch and execution behave – by changing the configuration you can update your commands to run in memory, over HTTP or via Azure Storage queues without changing your actual application code.

It’s a set of .NET Standard assemblies and runs well with both ASP.Net and ASP.Net Core (along with WebJobs and other Azure type goodness). It’s designed specifically for dependency inversion and IoC containers and works with Unity, Autofac, Ninject and the out the box ASP.Net Core service container.

I’ve released it under the permissive MIT license and I hope it’s useful to you. If you get stuck or have any questions I’m best contacted on Twitter as @azuretrenches.

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