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Having built a number of reasonably large apps using Angular (v1.x) I began to grow uncomfortable with some of its pain points and so started to look for alternatives. As a result I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 12 months with various JavaScript frameworks but in particular I found myself settling on React combined with Redux.

I find I’m an increasingly functional programmer and the idea of the user interface as a clean expression of state appeals to me massively. I’ve also found that when using React I feel like I’m using the JavaScript language itself, particularly ES6, rather than alternatives to what are becoming core language features.

However although the documentation is pretty good I found I started to struggle to find good patterns and practices when I moved away from simple ToDo type apps. As an experienced developer what I really wanted was some guidance illustrated by code in a working app.

To that end I recently build a sample app that illustrates solutions to typical problems you’ll encounter when moving beyond a ToDo app and have started working on a short book to go along with it. Initially I’d intended to do this as a series of blog posts but as I started to write them I realised the structure was not well suited to the blog format. My intention is still to push this out, at least largely, as open source probably under a creative commons license.

As a first step I’ve published an early version of the sample app onto GitHub and you can find it here. Constructive feedback would be very welcome and the best way to get in touch with me is on Twitter. I’ll have more details on the book as the content develops further.


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